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Writer's Block: That's So Cliché

Which, ahem, "internets" clichés do you wish would go away already?
Chuck Norris delivered a roundhouse kick to pedobear, laughing manically at the struggling bear. Lolcat exclaimed: 'I can has cheezeburger?'. David Hasselhoff has to disappoint the Lolcat, as he already ate all the cheeseburgers, the Chipmunk found this very dramatic, and asked the star wars kid to battle Hasselhoff. When the star wars kid got out his golf ball retriever, Hasselhoff scuttled away. 
"HA HA", The Star wars kid shouted. "All your base are belong to us, i am the winnar of the intarwebz!"
Then Longcat descended from the sky, carrying the godlike 8 year old master of guitar hero. Together they rocked until the ground shook and the 'O RLY' owl flew away in fright.
Badger Badger Badger was, by this point, quite upset. His coke and Mentos experiment had been ruined, so he smashed longcat in the face and proclaimed:

"The Internet is Serious Business!"


Writer's Block: That's Crazy

Met my girlfriend and my best friend for the first time in America (on my own)
Got engaged to said girlfriend and decided to move to the US to be with her
Then broke Writers Block, haha

A babe is born! D:

Yes, Kaylee is here. Ive yet to see pictures but im told shes cute. Poor Ashley had to have a C section for various different reasons. Hopefully she will put some Kaylee pictures on her LJ. D:
So i got paid last night...First thing i did? Brought a Guitar off ebay ;D
Will post pictures when it arrives, cant wait to try it out. - I dont think Norma can wait to hear me embarass myself either. XD

I got my glasses fixed, so thats all good!

Ive got thursday, friday, saturday and sunday off work this week, so i can laze around and hopefully practice guitar :3

On a side note, a Relentless right about now would be awesome.


So we started filling out paperwork last night, that was amusing for a whole 20 seconds, until i found out Norma's mum is holding her birth certificate hostage until she gets her passport, which takes about 2 months. screw that, the visa will take 6 months as it is, im not used to being away from people i care about for that long. =(

Also, my glasses are broken and no-one has one of the little screwdrivers. damn them D:
Ok, so another late night last night talking to Norma. Her mom has said she can visit me in England as long as her dad agrees, of course we have to tell him we are getting married first, but i dont think that will be as bad as it sounds.

My parents still have no idea at all, Hopefully we can tell them when Norma comes over :3

So far, i think we've decided that we are having a wedding in a public park, very few people, and just going to a resturaunt afterwards for the meal.

We were discussing Dresses last night and Norma found one she liked but said she didnt want it because it was too expensive.... Thats so hot <3
 Hurray, so its saturday morning, im only working for 2 1/2 hours, and then i get to spend the day talking to Norma. What could be better :3

Im still tired from the other day, when i stayed up talking to her till 6am D:

We are still running through Visa crap which is always fun, and theres always new, little complications, but i think we have the gist of it now, and it works out nicely for us as well x3

My Job sucks ass...it really does -_-
Ok, so dilemma's ahoy!
I'm looking at getting a second job temporarily to save up money for visiting America, i have to get my current job to change my shift first, its proving difficult due to managerial incompetence. *sigh*

Not having any luck with getting shot of my car, or getting a new cheap one. I was quite tempted to get an automatic, so i can get used to that before i drive in the US. Maybe get a crappy $500 one for a few months. Not sure though, as i don't know if i'm staying in the US for good yet :o (I hope i am ;D)

On a side note, i've decided to get Rock Band when i move over, it looks awesome, and we can all play it together.
Norma can do drums, ill do lead guitar, Mike can do bass and ashley can attempt to sing. Bwahaha

First Post

Uhm...FIrst post...What should i say D:
Well lets see...Hmm...Im playing Pirates of the Carribean, whilst waiting for Norma to download and play with me :3
Just killing time for the next 6 months until i save up enough cash to go over there for 3 months. *sigh*